There are many football clubs around the world. There are also very many football leagues around the world that football lovers can always enjoy football action. Many teams have been formed and stood the test of time but there are other football teams that do not survive long enough in the football world. One of the old teams that have stood the test of time with a massive fan base and a rich history is the Juventus, an Italian football club that mainly features in the Italian Serie A league. Also a major competitor in the European football league.


Juventus Fc is an old football club, in fact, one of the oldest in Italian football history that came up as an idea from students who had a common interest in football. Before the team came to be known as Juventus it had acquired very many nicknames some which seemed to be offensive in a way. During its formation, the team had very youthful players and they were the inspiration behind the naming of the club. The name means Youth in Italian. The team in its early formation years was known as the sports club Juventus but after taking part in the top league and topping it the name changed to football club Juventus. Finally, it came to be known simply as Juventus and for their fans, the team is simply Juve.


During its early years, the club faced challenges such as splits which saw some officials move out together with some players to form a team that has been giving Juventus major competition.It took longer for it to become an official club that even had an official kit. For them to go professional it took the involvement of a wealthy family in Italy to manage the football club. For a football team to go professional they have to have an official kit a full technical team and even an n official logo. This team’s football kit is inspired by stripes which are black and white, Though the initial color was pink and white stripes, funny enough this pink kit was accessorized with a tie. The players complained that the pink color faded away due to constant washing and so a friend of the team suggested black and white which Juventus believe are powerful colors. The stripes even earned them a nickname the Zebras in some quarters.

True to their belief that the team colors are powerful; Juventus has dominated the Italian Serie A league, the Coppa Italian league, and even the European league and European champions league which are considered to be very prestigious titles to win. It’s official that Juventus have a total of 34 titles that they have won in all the football competition they have participated in. But these winning have not come smoothly. The team has faced challenges in the quest to add more trophies in their cabinet. For example, there was a time they were ripped off their title after it emerged that the team was involved in unethical football behavior. But their success can be attributed to well-organized management which ensures that the club has the best players it can afford, a nice training ground which they have in the name of Allinaz stadium and best coaches and team managers.


The main title that the team mainly prides itself in is winning the Italian Serie A’ six times in a row. Two European cups and two intercontinental cups. This has earned the team a lot of revenue enabling it to acquire top players and the best managers. With the revenues high enough the team has gone totally professional by acquiring a women team that participates in the country’s women Serie A’ tournaments. Juventus has also come up with youth academies where they train youths interested in football. Most of these youths have had successful careers in football. The team has even gone ahead to become to create a documentary that shows it as one of the oldest and richest football clubs in the history of football. Odds on Juventus next title winning chances can be found here.


With their clean run in football matters, Juventus is currently topping the rankings in the Italian football federation rankings. The history of Juventus is one that is hard to ignore as it has even earned than honors. Being a successful club, the history of Juventus is an inspiration to other football teams and it earns a mention in Italian football history. With a background as such Juventus is out for more glory.

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